Adam & Selina Masters of Illusion

Our Story

Selina is the wild younger sibling. She is intuitive, completely trusts her instincts and heart over her conscious mind. She prefers to remain a mystery yet is very strong willed, competitive and meticulous - her philosophy is “do it right or not at all”.

A talented magician in her own right, Selina was first involved in magic as the harsh critic and helper of Adam's one-man show. As time passed and her athletic abilities shone through, Selina was able to pull off incredible physical stunts. Her passion for music and skills as a gifted dancer resulted in an eventual collaboration with her brother, a combined effort to enhance the magic - a fusion of music, performance, dance with high levels of physicality and energy.

Selina draws her inspiration from film, extreme sports, performing arts, concerts and theatrical productions. She also designs her own edgy fashion pieces and is an accomplished DJ. Her passion for magic and love for performing arts and music allows her to self-express, stand-out and be different. She finds joy in surprising people and making others happy and smile. She is driven by her desire to give memorable and unforgettable experiences to all those around her.

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