Adam & Selina Masters of Illusion

Our Story

Adam’s passion for magic began at the age of 7 after first being exposed to the art when his Great Grandma showed him a card trick. He then dedicated every spare moment to mastering the art of magic - helping him to overcome his insecurities and shy nature.

Adam draws his inspiration from modern science and Hollywood - ambitiously striving to recreate the special effects and superpowers of heroes, only in real life. Ultimately becoming his own superhero.

A natural charmer, charismatic, quick witted and with the gift of the gab, Adam is a leader and enjoys the spotlight. He is extremely competitive, strong willed yet doesn't take himself too seriously.

Adam’s interests include social dynamics, human psychology, philosophy, astrology, martial arts, poker and extreme sports.

Adam's dreams are to flying into space, play a game of soccer for Manchester United, star in a Hollywood action movie and win the world series of poker!

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